Friday, December 14, 2012

Post Recovery: Toddler Time!

     It has been a long six months since I've posted and I have lots to tell! Kalli is now ONE year old! I know it's crazy! She is now twenty-eight inches tall, 18lbs and loads of fun! This is what has been going on: Shortly after Kalli's recovery from her heart surgery I went back to work at the spa and we began the process of buying a home. (Finally!) We closed on our home on June 14th (my birthday) and got ready for lots of company for the next five months. My entire family had yet to meet Kalli. My mother and grandmother arrived exactly two weeks after we moved in. After that the rest of the family came and went. We went to our first buddy walk this October in Orlando. We have since met more and more wonderful people within the down syndrome community.
     Through out this time Kalli has continued to blossom and thrive. With the help of therapy she has been doing amazing. She sat up around 8 months and has been army crawling for awhile now. She just recently started to pull herself up onto things. She says dada and hi and makes the "k" sound a lot. We have done a little signing with her and will continue to teach her the entire language. Kalli is definitely the happiest child ever. She rarely ever cries and is constantly smiling and laughing. She is strong as an ox and fast as lightning. Her hair is out of control and she loves pulling mine! Her favorite toy is my iphone and anything she can wave in the air (we thought about getting her a terrible towel!) Her favorite food is ALL OF THEM! She has really chunked up on us, in a good way! Our cat Socks shockingly lets her pull his tail. She is absolutely obsessed with Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. She's got her two bottom teeth and man are they sharp! The progress she has made amazes me and we continue to work with her everyday.

<3 Our new home <3

 Gram, Mom, Me and Kalli

                                                          Kalli, my Dad and my Niece Katie

                                                                             My Sister Kim and Kalli bug

                                                                                Uncle Jon and the girls

 Cousin Jack holding Kalli

                                                                            Just playing with Cousin Katie!

                                                                           Kalli's heart buddy Brantley <3

Me and my Cuz Holly

Mommy and Daddy (Me and Brian)

Happy Halloween!

Auntie Sarah and Bug

Step Up for Down Syndrome Walk

Aunt Elaine and Kalli

Happy 1st Birthday!!!

     We have all come such a long way since Kalli was born. I never thought I could be so happy. I know I've said this already but I will continue to say it forever and ever. Kalli is the love of my life and I wouldn't change her for anything in the world. Everyday her smiling face makes me want to live life to the fullest. She is truly smart and I think she is going to educate many people that may have a different concept of her abilities. I could not be prouder of my daughter. Happy Holidays!

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